Istanbul, Turkey
Wednesday 5th June 2013
Sitting in the lounge at Istanbul airport seems to be coming somewhat of a regular occurrence at the moment but whilst the airport itself isn't much to write home about the newly refurbished lounge is one of the best I have been to.  In addition to getting a respite from aeroplane food, these moments also give me a chance to catch up on my emails or read a few papers that have been piling up in my in-tray for a while.

Today, I have finally found a moment to read through the paper that has just been published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, which was a collaboration between the participants of the round table discussion on tendinopathy management at last year's International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium (ISTS) in Vancouver.  

It was a very informative meeting & the debate was built around the thoughts, opinions & subsequent presentations given by the multi-disciplinary professionals that congregated at different tables in the room according to their field of expertise.  There was an epidemiology group, a medical model group, a surgical/medical management group, a radiology group & I presented on behalf of the treatment, rehabilitation & physical management group.

The level of expertise present in the room is apparent just by referring to the list of authors & collaborators, which include Jill Cook, Craig Purdam, Bill Vincenzino, Hakan Alfredson, Karim Kahn, Henning Langberg, Hans van Schie, Sam Rosengarten, Sean Docking & meeting director, Alex Scott.  Take those names away & the authors of about 75% of the seminal papers & hot new research in the field would be missing.  That really goes to show what a great meeting it was & I took a lot from it.

The next & third ISTS, will be held in Oxford in 2014 & I highly recommend that if you are interested in sports physiotherapy & the management of tendinopathy, you reserve that for your diary.  In the meantime, click on the link below to read the paper.

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