Monte Gordo, Portugal
Tuesday 15th May 2012

Normally, when I am on the road, I write more than when I am not travelling.  Unfortunately, here in Monte Gordo, the access to internet connection has been poor & so my posts have been somewhat irregular.

Training has been going well for all the groups, with several training PBs being achieved throughout the week.  From my perspective it has been an incredibly busy camp, working solo & having to provide soft tissue therapy in addition to the physiotherapy…my hands are certainly going to relish the rest when I reach the weekend.

The banter in the group (athletes & coaches alike) has been a source of great entertainment, as ever & long jumper, Chris Tomlinson has provided some philosophical chat on the physio couch.  Following up on some of our chats on topics such as the future of athletics & the joys of warm weather training, Chris also offered to answer some questions for the blog, so read on for the “World According to Tommo!”.


OF:  Chris, thanks for talking agreeing to answer a few questions…please can you introduce yourself to my readers in 15 words or less.

CT:  Chris Tomlinson, British indoor & outdoor long jump record holder; European outdoor medallist


OF:  We are currently on a warm weather training camp in Monte Gordo, Portugal.  What things do you value most about these camps & what things do you miss most about being away training?

CT: I enjoy training in the heat, being able to focus on athletics, without any distractions.  The negatives are that I miss my wife, kid & dog…plus a good English cup of tea!


OF:  What components does a typical training week consist of in this pre-season phase?

CT:  Speed, plyometrics & technical aspects.


OF:  How will this vary once the season gets underway? 

CT:  The training load will decrease & the quality of the movements will increase.


OF:  Current World Indoor women’s triple jump champion, Yamile Aldama is also in your training group, led by coach Frank Attoh.  How does your group help you get the best out of your training, that you might find more difficult to achieve training alone or in a group of less experienced athletes?

CT:  In our group we all know what it takes to make it to the top & support one another generally by pushing each other on in intense sessions or offering advice in technical sessions.


OF:  You have recently become a father for the first time…congratulations!  Has your new responsibility changed your sporting focus in any way?

CT:  I would like to believe not at this stage.  I now have to provide & that can add a little pressure but my wife is supportive & understands what I need to reach the top.


OF:  If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your 12 year old self?

CT:  Work on the basics, get the techniques engrained…gymnastics is a great way of putting many of these skills together.


OF:  Who was your sporting inspiration growing up?

CT:  Bernie Slaven (Middlesborough footballer).


OF:  If you were to host a dinner party with 4 other sports men/women from past to present day, who would you invite?

CT:  Bernie Slaven, Boris Becker, Carl Lewis & Mike Powell.


OF:  What do you see as the main challenges facing athletics at the present time?

CT:  The competitions can last too long.  I would like to see a shorter more explosive format.


OF:  If you could take charge of the IAAF for a week, what changes would you make?

CT:  I would try to bring in team competitions & get funding from big sponsors.  Athletes would compete in teams for 4 events a year.  Various countries & spectators could get behind different teams with each team being affiliated to a particular country, however, athletes would be free to swap.


OF:  Which competition do you have the best memories of & why?

CT:  World indoors in 2008, as I got a silver medal


OF:  What more do you want to achieve in athletics before you hang up your spikes?

CT:  Jump 8.62m & win an Olympic medal


OF:  Chris, thanks once again for taking the time to answer the questions & best of luck for the season ahead.


For those of you that are keen to learn more about Chris & his training, please click here to visit his website,

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