Iten, Kenya
Friday 4th November 2011

The last two evenings here have given an insight into the influence that nature has on this fragile environment.  As night has fallen we have witnessed two of the most violent lightning storms I have seen, accompanied by torrential rain.  For the locals this has brought concern as the wheat is due for harvesting & the crops are being spoiled as a result.

For us, the consequences have been negligible.  Today, as tomorrow, the morning run started a little later than planned to allow the trails to dry out a bit.  But otherwise apart from a quick dash from bedroom to the dining room, we have not been greatly affected – we are the lucky ones given the huts that we have seen on our runs around the area.  In contrast, the daytime was beautiful & I managed to write some conditioning programmes in the sun & by the pool after lunch.

Change is on the menu in the camp at the moment.  Following Charles Van Commenee’s (UKA Head Coach) brief visit & flight back to the UK yesterday, John flew back today, I fly back into London tomorrow & Spencer returns on Sunday.  In my place, Toby (EIS/UKA physiotherapist)  arrived yesterday to afford us a couple of days hand over, whilst more staff arrive throughout the week as slowly the coaching, physiology, physiotherapy & soft tissue therapy support turns over.

I’ve really enjoyed working with this group of staff & athletes, whilst as a room-mate, John has been up there amongst the best!  I just hope that his flight back to Nairobi & subsequent flight back to London aren’t affected by the storms, as that would likely be one heck of a white knuckle ride in the local aircraft.

As for my evening, the huge grasshoppers are rubbing their legs in my porch area & after their invasion of my room underneath my door earlier this evening, I have a towel wedged underneath to thwart their advances.  Whether I will get any sleep, however, thanks to their racket, who know but I fancy my chances more than the farmers out there in their huts, surrounded by water tonight.  Fingers crossed it dries up soon…

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