San Diego, USA
Friday 30th September 2011
An early start this morning & a few of us were looking rather bleary eyed as Paul (Scott) from DJO drove us down to the labs.  After a short breakfast & presentations from James (Calder) on syndesmotic injuries & peroneal tendinoscopy, we were gloved, gowned & at arthroscopy stations before 08.30.  Following coffee, Peter (Rosenfeld) took over to present on calcaneal fractures & tendon transfers before we got stuck in to slice & dice our feet of the day once more.  

I was up next & addressed the issues of functional ankle instability, relating the approaches I adopt when working with athletes.  The guys asked some insightful questions, so I hope I piqued their interest in the work that we do & how that relates to what they see.

If you are interested in seeing the presentation for yourself, click below:

I would welcome any comments & thoughts you have below.

As for this evening, we are heading down for supper at the Chart House, which is a restaurant held in high regard by the locals, overlooking the ocean.  After that we are on a quest to find a sports bar showing the Scotland vs England rugby match, which kicks off at 00.30 (ie 12.30am) & the craic should be fierce.  The 2 Scots in the party are being supported by the 2 Irish boys & the English supporters are being led by James (Calder) who appears to have operated on most of their team!  Should be good...
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