Edinburgh, Scotland
Saturday 17th September 2011
Finally! Back home! It's been a while on the road with back to back trips now but as I went to bed last night in Brussels, it was with a smile on my face knowing that tomorrow night I would be resting my head on my own pillows once again.

The Brussels trip was a great experience - some great achievements by the some of our British guys (Phillips & Dai winning the series of events, Hannah coming close to matching her PB despite having peaked for the World Champs, with Harry & MLF turning in strong performances in the 100m); some jaw dropping races by the headlining Jamaicans (Bolt in the 100m & Blake clocking the second fastest time in 200m history) & the general atmosphere of athletes having fun in their last races of the season (demonstrated by Hannah's warm up pose in the photo of the day!), with the crowd enjoying the spectacle.  The 200m race was particularly awesome when you consider that Walter Dix broke his PB in the same race & Blake was still pulling away from him until he jogged over the line (see clip below).

Whilst many of the athletes partied into the night, I finished treating & crashed, rising this morning to leave for the airport at 6am. As I checked in, Usain & his agent, Ricky Simms were checking in too & whilst Ricky looked as fresh-faced as usual, Usain was a little more subdued!!! In fact, as he sat next to me on the plane, it was a race between the two of us as to who could fall asleep the fastest....& I actually think I beat the fastest man on the planet on this occasion. We managed a few words about his immediate plans before I again left him for dead on the way to flight transfers as I had little time to make my connection. So there you have it, Finlay 2 vs Bolt 0!!!

Right now, I am just about to leave for a very special day in Edinburgh's social good friend Steve Currie is today marrying the beautiful Abigail Davey in the Cannongate Kirk (recently the venue for Zara Philips' & Mike Tindall's wedding ceremony). I am delighted for them both & am also really looking forward to catching up with the boys, some of whom I haven't seen since the stag in Majorca back in July.

Anyway, got to get to the church on time, so check back later...

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