Thursday 23rd June 2011
After the flights I have just had & the fact that I have just been on a course til 8pm tonight, this won't be long!  I arrived back into the UK around 2 hours late after my flight out of JFK was delayed due to storms in the area & by the time I got home, had a quick shower & headed out to work, I was already questioning my decision not to have taken the day off.

However, the reason I had flown back so promptly from NATA was that James Moore (my colleague at UKA & reason I accepted the consultancy post with the organisation), had organised a course on the Graston technique.

Over the years I have heard bits about Graston but never had the chance to be trained in the technique.  For those of you that have never heard of it, Graston uses a range of 6 iron tools to achieve myofascial release techniques - to the uneducated the tools resemble somewhat of a torture set from a James Bond movie when the are rolled out.

James had been recommended getting in contact with Donna Strachan, a chiropractor from Chester who does some work for the EIS at SportsCity, Manchester.  Donna has developed one tool, made from cast iron that can achieve similar results as Graston uses with 6 tools & calls her system i-ASSIST.

From 3pm until 8pm we were taught how to use the i-ASSIST to conduct myofascial release in stationary positions & through range.  I was very impressed with the intuitive nature of the tool & believe that incorporating its use into my myofascial release techniques will enhance my results & save my hands!  My initial concerns had been an expected lack of feel & feedback from the tissues through the tool but Donna explained that the cast iron helps transmit the vibrations much better than plated iron & I was pleasantly surprised.

All in all, I was pleased that I had made the effort to come back in time for the course & thanks to Donna's insightful & educated presentation, I was able to stay awake for the whole 5 hours!!!

And's time for bed!
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