Buffalo, NY, USA
Wednesday 12th October 2016

After kindly being asked to contribute to the two-year anniversary celebrations for Crossfit Nickel Cityís incarnation, I was delighted to be warmly welcomed by a group of enthusiastic amateur athletes.

The topic of the day was recovery and I presented a short introduction to the benefits of sleep in recovery, which included some tips on how much sleep an athlete should aim for, how to optimise your time in bed and how to address some common factors that negatively impact sleep quality.

Iím not an expert in sleep, however, my research in the area over the years has armed me with some great basic advice to improve this area of your life.  Thanks to Dr Cheri Mah for all her support and teaching in this area and I hope these nuggets of her wisdom, that I am passing along in this presentation benefit you all.

Happy birthday Crossfit Nickel CityÖ 

Click on the link to download the presentation:  Finlay, O. (2016) Sleep - Recovery Gold

For further information in this area, click on the <Sleep> link in the word cloud on the homepage.  This will direct you to previous blogs I have written on this topic and include links to journal articles authored by Cheri and other experts in the field.

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