London, England
Friday 14th December 2012
After a rather busy week catching up with the athletes at the Hi Performance Centre following my week away in Mumbai, I am looking forward to meeting up with my business partner, Stephen "Mutchy" Mutch this evening.  Mutchy is visiting to discuss several of our business projects, but predominantly the development of the course we have presented internationally for sports physiotherapists, addressing the systematic assessment & various treatment components relating to the myofascial system.

As with everything we do, we reflect on our thoughts from the course, we listen to the feedback from attendees & we look to incorporate new treatment approaches that we are exposed to.  Since we wrote the course, we have both been influenced by some world class clinicians both from within the population of fascial experts but also from those who debate the influence of the fascia on sports performance.  All these learnings will be addressed in the revised course that we hope to have on-line in the summer of 2013.

In addition, we are joining forces with two well respected chiropractors, to try & introduce a multi-disciplinary approach to the course.  Ulrik Sandstrom & Donna Strachan both worked with Stephen in the Polyclinic at the London Olympics, whilst I have previously attended one of Donna's courses that she presented at UK Athletics a few months back.  Ulrik is involved with Leicester Tigers, whilst Donna was the clinical brains behind the IASTM treatment system & so we are all very excited about what the collaboration will lead to.

The first date we have proposed for the presentation of the basis of Ulrik's work is February 2nd & 3rd at Lee Valley Athletics Centre, which will follow the format of Ulrik's current teachings, with Donna contributing some IASTM components at the end of the second day.  Furthermore, we will be using the on-line platform that Stephen & I have been working on with Henning Langberg & Mike Ferrara, to host some pre-course theoretical material for all registered attendees.  If you are interested, keep checking back to the blog & I will post a flyer & further information as we get it.
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