London, England
Tuesday 3rd July 2012
This is an emotional day - incredible elation versus gut wrenching despair; intense satisfaction countered by burning frustration; nerve searing agony meets its old foe, celebrated ecstasy.  The Team GB Athletics team was announced after several delays & the debates were given the green light to kick off & rumble on over the next weeks & potentially months.

I feel for the likes of Jeanette Kwakye, Jemma Simpson & Marilyn Okoro, I know they are hurting (albeit for different reasons) & after I  missed out on World Championships selection in my time as an international lacrosse player, I can empathise with the emotion involved.  However, I also congratulate those whose names are inked on CVC's much debated team list & wish them all the best over the coming weeks.  Weeks that will, in certain cases, define careers & maybe even lives.  

Some names were expected, others have forced the door open by snatching small glimpses of an opening, to cling on tightly to the opportunity that arose & others have fought prolonged battles to join the party...all have worked hard & made sacrifices.  You gotta love sport!

For those of you that haven't seen the team, here it is...


Adam Gemili - 100m and 4 x 100m

Dwain Chambers - 100m & 4 x 100m 

James Dasaolu - 100 & 4x100m 

Christian Malcolm - 200m & 4x100m 

James Ellington - 200m & 4x100m 

Martyn Rooney - 400m & 4x400m 

Conrad Williams - 400m & 4x400m

Nigel Levine - 400m & 4x400m 

Andrew Osagie - 800m 

Michael Rimmer - 800m

Ross Murray - 1500m

Andrew Baddeley - 1500m 

Nick McCormick - 5,000m 

Mo Farah - 5,000m & 10,000m 

Chris Thompson - 10,000m

Stuart Stokes - 3,000m steeplechase 

Lawrence Clarke - 110m hurdles 

Andrew Pozzi - 110m hurdles 

Andy Turner - 110m hurdles 

Dai Greene - 400m hurdles & 4x400m 

Jack Green - 400m hurdles & 4x400m 

Rhys Williams - 400m hurdles 

Robbie Grabarz - high jump 

Steve Lewis - pole vault 

Greg Rutherford - long jump 

Chris Tomlinson - long jump 

Philips Idowu - triple jump 

Mervyn Luckwell - javelin 

Lawrence Okoye - discus 

Brett Morse - discus 

Abdul Buhari - discus 

Carl Myerscough - shot put 

Alex Smith - hammer 

Daniel Awde - decathlon 

Dominic King - 50k walk 

Danny Talbot - 4x100m 

Simeon Williamson - 4x100m 

Mark Lewis-Francis - 4x100m 

Richard Buck - 4x400m 

Luke Lennon-Ford - 4x400m 

Rob Tobin - 4x400m 

Scott Overall - marathon

Dave Webb - marathon 

Lee Merrien - marathon


Abi Oyepitan - 100m & 200m 

Anyika Onuora - 100m & 200m 

Margaret Adeoye - 200m 

Christine Ohuruogu - 400m & 4x400m 

Shana Cox - 400m & 4x400m 

Lee McConnell - 400m & 4x400m 

Lynsey Sharp - 800m 

Laura Weightman - 1500m 

Lisa Dobriskey - 1500m 

Hannah England - 1500m 

Jo Pavey - 5,000m & 10,000m 

Julia Bleasdale - 5,000m & 10,000m 

Barbara Parker - 5,000m & 3,000m steeplechase 

Eilish McColgan - 3,000m steeplechase 

Johanna Jackson - 20km walk 

Tiffany Porter - 100m hurdles 

Perri Shakes-Drayton - 400m hurdles 

Eilidh Child - 400m hurdles 

Holly Bleasdale - pole vault 

Kate Dennison - pole vault 

Shara Proctor - long jump 

Yamile Aldama - triple jump 

Sophie Hitchon - hammer 

Goldie Sayers - javelin 

Jessica Ennis - heptathlon & 100m hurdles 

Katarina Johnson-Thompson - heptathlon 

Louise Hazel - heptathlon 

Marilyn Okoro - 4x400m 

Nicola Sanders - 4x400m 

Emily Diamond - 4x400m 

Paula Radcliffe - marathon 

Mara Yamauchi - marathon 

Claire Hallissey - marathon

Well done to you all & see you in holding camp at the end of the month!

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