Nr. Cheltenham, England
Sunday 2nd October 2011
After a long flight, I am back in the UK & have decided to head part way towards Warwick University tonight, to ease the commute to the UKA Elite Coaches Conference tomorrow morning.

I am a little fatigued & as a result will keep this rather brief.  However, it would be remiss of me to return from the last few days without a few notes of thank you to those who contributed to the San Diego experience.  Firstly, to Cliff Eaton for the invite & Paul Scott of DJO in the UK, who organised & planned the trip, before coordinating the daily events once in California, with the aid of his able accomplices, Miles Swinburne & Andrew Joseph - cheers chaps.  Secondly, to John Martin (Director, International Business) & Mike Mogul (CEO) of DJO Global, who welcomed us into their facilities & took time out of their busy schedules to ensure that we saw what their company is really all about - thanks to you & all your staff, it was a really enjoyable experience & I hope we were able to give you some valuable information about the market demands in the UK.

Finally, thanks to James Calder & Peter Rosenfeld for all your cadaveric teaching & presentations, along with my fellow visitors Peter Chan, Ian Gill, Kurt Haendlmayer, Andrew Roche, James Stanley, Alistair Wilson, John Wong Chung & Jon Young, from whom I learnt a lot through all our debates & discussions, whilst enjoying some typically great chat!  I'm looking forward to catching up with you all in the near future after having such a rewarding trip out to west coast USA from both a professional & personal perspective.

...& now I'm off to bed!!!


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