London, England
Thursday 22nd September 2011
Since I have been working in track & field, I have been more aware of the use of sacral steroid epidural administration in the management of acute, acute on chronic, persistent & recurrent posterior thigh pain cases.  It is a management strategy that I haven't been exposed to much before & as a result is an area I have been reviewing the (rather limited) research on in recent weeks, whilst also discussing the pros & cons of the approach with our medical team.

Whilst the intervention strategy seems to be a very effective component of the rehabilitation pathway, there have been several incidences in track & field where, despite a resolution in painful symptoms, the injury has recurred on return to competition.  As a result, I have taken the opportunity to compile an overview of the management of posterior thigh pain with sacral steroid epidural & am now constructing a 14 day post-intervention rehabilitation framework that will then feed the athlete back into their existing rehabilitation pathway.

The review can be downloaded by clicking on the link below & I would welcome any thoughts or feedback, including personal experiences you have had in your own clinical environments, which can be submitted in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

In order that you can draw your own conclusions from the literature I reviewed, the reference list is included below with links to PDF copies of the papers:


Once I have completed the 14 day post-epidural rehabilitation framework, I will post it on the Blog too, so keep checking back & I welcome your opinions on my brief overview.

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