Bruges, Belgium
Saturday 3rd September 2011
Whilst I am taking a hard earned break over a long weekend in Bruges, Belgium, I thought I would address the details of a discussion I had with a physiotherapy colleague earlier in the week.  The discussion had centred around the basics of exercise prescription & the reasoning behind the number of reps & sets I had stipulated in a rehab programme for an athlete.

The loading continuum I use as a basis is an amalgam of physiological parameters I learned during my exercise physiology MSc, guidelines I learnt from Richard Hawkins when I worked at the Football Association, principles shared by Mark Bitcon when I worked in the rugby & guidelines developed by James Moore & Raph Brandon that are stuck on the UKA Therapy Office wall at Lee Valley.

As a simple reference guide, click here to view a version of the Strength & Conditioning parameters we refer to at UK Athletics.  These parameters underpin the exercise prescription of the programmes we formulate for the athletes & the decisions we make in conjunction with the coaches when discussing the conditioning programmes at various stages in rehabilitation.

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