Portals, Majorca
Saturday 16th July 2011
So why am I away in Portals, Majorca, you may well ask?  No, for once I am not away with a team or an athlete but instead I am in the Balearics with several friends (see left if you are brave enough), to celebrate the last few days of my good friend, Steve Currie's freedom.  Well actually that's not completely accurate because he doesn't get married until September but it seemed like a good time when plans were being made.  Now trust me, I am not going to get into details of what goes on out here (1st rule of tour: what goes on tour stays on tour) & I am not going to compromise any reputations by posting any more than the photos that are shown on this page.  Sorry!!!

Mark, Steve, Olli
It would,however, be remiss of me to pass up the opportunity to say "Congratulations Abi & Steve" & point out that the guy in the middle (next to the really handsome chap on the right!!!) is Mr Steve Currie.

But I do know that whilst I am away, I am going to be rather distracted from the world outside & so instead (since I have now been shown how to upload PDFs...thanks Paul), I am going to return you to New Orleans & the NATA conference & the notes from a lecture that my athletic training buddy, Brittany Bingham, kindly donated to the blog.

Brit reports on the presentation by  Daisuke Sugimoto from the Cincinnati Children's Hospital discussing his systematic review of some large scale clinical trials investigating the prevention of non-contact ACL injury in female athletes.  Click here to read Brit's notes

Thanks Brit

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