New Orleans, USA
Tuesday 21st June 2011

Another day of productive meetings & researching around what is new in the world of athletic training Stateside & both businesses look in a stronger position. 

The daylight's experiences conclude & the evening starts at the BOC reception, where I am warmly welcomed by several of their staff & introduced to the head athletic trainer of the Seattle Mariners MLB team, Rick Griffin & his former colleague. Both guys were extremely knowledgeable & very open, whilst all too happy to extend an open invite to their facilities in both Seattle & Arizona, which is very exciting.

As that event drew to a close, Cathy (Ortega), my two new acquaintances from the Mariners, my friends from Winthrop Uni, Brittany Bingham & her colleague, Danielle Ribbons , headed off to the DJO party. The reacquaintances continued with warm handshakes from Leigh Weiss, a trainer I had met when spending time at the NY Giants last year, the annual hug & photograph with the organiser of the DJO party & Jun Matsuno, one of the AT interns we had worked with in pre-season at the Steelers. I was also warmly introduced to several of the DJO staff including Dwayne Treolo & Sandy Dollar, as well as some of the guys from TRX in California.

In conclusion it has been a fantastic visit to New Orleans with friendships & working relationships cemented & made. Maybe not so much time has been spent in terms of catching up on some of the research out there but the businesses have emerged as stronger propositions.

Allthat is left for me to get up at 4am & get my planes home via Dallas, NYC & into London, arriving on Thursday morning...just in time to head to work.

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