London, England
Tuesday 20th September 2011
After a fantastic weekend back home, it was back down to London yesterday for the week ahead.  Rather out of keeping with recent weeks, I have no travel plans taking me away from Lee Valley this week but whilst many of the athletes have now shut down for the season, the Athletics Centre resembles somewhat of a ghost town.  

What the peace & quiet does mean, however, is that I can get on with some reading, research & presentation preparation, all of which have been on my "to do list" for about 2 months now.  The topics I am looking into are sacral epidural steroid administration in the management of chronic posterior thigh pain; the role of tendon in pain presentation & the subsequent implications on the joint, ligament & fascia; fascial manipulation, K tape reinforcement & exercise prescription for the resolution of pathological movement patterns; plus I have a presentation to revise & update before I present at Napier University again next month.

At the end of last week, I was privileged to be invited by DJO (manufacturers of Compex) to accompany a handful of eminent foot & ankle consultants to San Diego for 5 days next week.  We will be seeing the DJO facility but also having a day of dissection in their anatomy labs & a day of presentations.  Subsequently I have been asked to present for an hour on a foot & ankle related topic of my choice.  My thoughts were to either to:

1) Address my musings from the 20th July blog regarding functional ankle instability & arthrogenic inhibition of tibialis anterior, tibialis posterior & the peroneii (just click on the highlighted text to review for yourself, which includes the links to the articles I discussed)


2) Discuss the role of plantaris in achilles tendinopathy, which has been a hot topic in our department over the last 4 months or so.  To do this I would be reviewing, amongst others, the papers by Alfredson (2011) & Lintz et al (2010), of which the references are included below

Now, normally I would deliberate, toss a coin or stick my finger in the air to see which way the wind was blowing to help me decide which topic I would choose.  However, you may now have noticed that underneath the blog area is now the facility for people to leave comments!!!!  So, I am going to see how this works & let you guys decide for me.  Whichever presentation I undertake will be posted on here upon my return from San Diego, so there is the incentive to get involved...which presentation would you like to see??
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