Bruges, Belgium
Friday 2nd September 2011
The topic of exercise associated muscle cramp returns once more in today's blog & yet again my friend John Geist, from University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre, has come up with the goods. Now, I told you that if John were to have taken part in Mastermind, his specialist topic when sitting before Magnus Magnusson (turn to Google if you are too young, or from too remote a shore to understand what I am talking about) would without doubt have been this one, so I tend to take into consideration what he has to say on the subject.

John has kindly emailed me his presentation on Exercise Associated Muscle Cramp & given me permission to post it up for all to read. Once again, John, thanks very much!

Once you have read the presentation, make your own mind up about what you see in this footage filmed at a Norfolk State University (American) football game...some really remarkable video!!!

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