New Orleans, USA
Saturday 18th June 2011

After a long day of travelling, I arrived in New Orleans & met up with my good friend & business partner, Stephen “Mutchy” Mutch. Mutchy had flown in that morning from Detroit where he had been paying a visit to Michigan University & their sports set up. Judging by the photographs & his reflection of the discussions he had with the S & C staff, the only word that seems fit to describe the facilities is “awesome”. The weights room, the ice hockey barn, the locker rooms only serve to reinforce the impression that the “Big House” (the football stadium) conjures up.

A lot of chat was had over dinner on our respective visits & the progress of our joint businesses before we were joined by our Hawaiian friend & athletic trainer Jayson Goo. Jayson is the head athletic trainer at University of Hawaii & a global trainer for Kinesio Tape. Team Hawaii as we christened them back in San Antonio in 2009, always bring a great group of guys to the NATA conference & are often at the heart of a party.

Tonight was no exception as Jay set the stall with the suggestion of a visit to Bourbon Street. Bourbon Street was crazy – busy with groups of all ages walking from bar to bar, gradually losing the battle with sobriety as the night draws on. My preconception of jazz bar after jazz bar with an old school vibe was sadly not how the real-life land lies. Strip joints sit side by side with restaurants & bars,whilst the number of live music venues was not as great as I had hoped. The overwhelming haze of bad smells did nothing to appease my overall feeling of slight disappointment.

Still, it has been great catching up with friends & despite the negatives, I am kind of starting to like New Orleans - it doesn't try to paper over the cracks, warts & all, it is what it is. An honest place with a mischievous soul. Roll on tomorrow & the beginning of the NATA Conference!

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